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Seesaw Services provides a full suite of outsourced business administrative services tailored for architects, engineers and general contractors in a collaborative environment of other like-minded professionals.

Consider us your admin team. 



We provide a suite of administrative support services allowing architects like you to work as a firm. From secretarial help to bookkeeping, billing support and business consulting all included in your subscription.



We  can provide your growing firm with everything you need. From a receptionist, and administrative support to assistance with navigating governmental RFPs. We'll even help to coordinate your large format printing projects.


general contractors

From secretarial and human resources help, to billing, mail service and even architectural design support, we have you covered. Our subscriptions allow you to cost effectively take more and larger projects.

Stay focused on delivering your best work – we’ve got the rest.

SeeSaw Services is the professional’s choice for both independent and teams of architects, designers, engineers and general contractors. Our 30+ years of experience in structural, mechanical systems and electrical engineering, Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics & construction oversight, and other related trades in Seattle’s vibrant economy gives us a unique perspective and position from which to deliver a turnkey professional environment with all the tools and services a successful firm needs. 

AIA is proud to have SeeSaw Services as an Allied Member and supporter of our Small Practices and Residential Committee.
— Connor Descheemaker, Membership and Volunteer Manager, AIA Seattle

Looking for a workspace for you and your team?  We've got that too!

Depending on your needs, suites of services can even come with workspace access or private offices in our Seattle and New Orleans locations.


We are often asked, "What's with the name?" The origin of our name was loosely derived from the acronym formed by our clients and the services we offer. Ultimately, we selected SeeSaw because it is symbolic of our mission and commitment to those we serve. Much like an actual seesaw, we work in rhythm with each of our clients toward a common goal.  We help to facilitate a work/life balance that most fail to achieve alone.
Seesaws are typically found in parks and other spaces where communities gather. In addition to our portfolio of services, we also offer clients a physical and virtual community where individuals and small teams can collaborate and socialize with others who share similar goals. What better symbol of teamwork, balance and an active vibrant community than a SeeSaw?