Stay focused on delivering your best work – we've got the rest!

  √  Delegate administrative tasks to free up billable hours on your daily schedule. 

√  More productivity equals more profitability and a better work/life balance. 

√  Set your firm up for steady, long-term growth.

Services Include

Custom Bookkeeping Set-Up
Create a custom plan based on your needs or industry best practices

Cloud-based Timekeeping
Allocate charges to different projects and tasks within projects – Uniform or variable rates for each project
Track your time down to the quarter hour – Simple time management from your desktop, tablet, or phone

Accounts Payable
Strategic payable management – never miss a vendor payment!
Bill expenses to clients or projects – with or without markup

Client Invoicing and Accounts Receivable
While you manage the day-to-day client relations, we’ll manage invoice delivery and tracking
Notification of payments from clients and past due invoices

Cash Fund Management
Up-to-the-minute financial reports, available 24/7
Easily monitor your firm’s bottom line and overall financial health

Bank Statement Reconciliation

Monthly and Year End Closeout Support
Reports to assist Quarterly and Annual Tax Preparation

Services Include

All services offered with the Bookkeeping Basics Plan, plus:

Administrative Support

Letter Review and Edit Recommendations

Travel Services
Itinerary Options
Ticket Booking and Trip Management

Catering Management
Caterer calls and meal coordination for in-suite business meals
Meal set-up and tear-down

Client Project Performance Surveys
We send, follow-up and report results to you

Client “Thank You” Notes
End projects on a high note. Show appreciation!
Generate testimonials and referrals

Reproduction Coordination

Basic IT Support

Enhanced Bookkeeping

Credit Card Reconciliation
Allocate individual expenses to clients and projects

Client Follow-up on Past Due Accounts
We coordinate payments so you can focus on the client relationship


Payroll Services

Paycheck Processing

Payroll Tax Return Filing

Year-end Reporting

Staff Profile Updates
Activate new staff
Deactivating old staff

Project Management Support

Project Performance Tracking and Reporting
Monitor project expenses
Compare project estimates to actuals

Earned Value Tracking and Reporting
Project Charter Support

Human Resources

Consulting on all applicable industry laws and requirements

Professional Engineering License New/Comity Applications